Cooking with the Count website celebrates its 2,000,000th visitor!

Cooking with the Count website celebrates its 2,000,000th visitor!


Cooking with the Count website celebrates its 2,000,000th Visitor!

Today Cooking with the Count celebrates its 2,000,000th visitor to the Cooking with the Count website.  We are humbled and appreciative for those of you that shared our website and YouTube videos with your family and friends.  Additionally, we appreciate the emails and compliments we’ve received about our recipes, travels, and website.  We enjoy sharing our passion for food, our love of travel, and our family fun with you.

Our first cookbook, Cooking with the Count, I’m not a Chef, I’m a professional Eater… came out on Amazon on June 26, 2018.  It is doing very well and we appreciate all those who have purchased a copy.  It really blows me away considering I never thought in a 1000 years that I would write a cookbook!  I must admit that this cookbook has some of my favorite recipes in it.

This cookbook has many unknown benefits in itself that I want to share with you.  Not only does it have some delicious recipes that your family and friends will enjoy.  One-third (1/3) of the proceeds from the cookbook are being donated to support humanitarian food missions.  Our family believes everyone should have readily available food on God’s beautiful green earth.  We’ve never turned away a hungry mouth and we know we can make a difference with your help.  Together we can make a difference in this world through self-sustainable farming and permaculture development.  So help us to help them by purchasing our cookbook today at

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