Cooking with the Count sharing America!

Cooking with the Count sharing America!


Well, everyone always asks us where we go when we go out to eat.  I am picky, to say the least, and I don’t think anything about driving a few hours to enjoy superior food at a great family type restaurant.  Well, we’re going to kick it up a few notches and take out the Motorhome and tour America visiting some of the finest places imaginable.

We expect the food to be as good, if not better than what we make at home.  I also expect to pay a reasonable price for a healthy serving of quality food.  A one-inch piece of fancy-served meat with a few herbs and three drops of sauce that resembles the planetary movement after a solar storm for $125.00 doesn’t do anything for me.  Those are the restaurants that I avoid like the plague.  That’s for the people who have more money than taste buds!

We’ve been RVing for almost 6 years and we have traveled to almost every state.  We’ve decided we want to share our experiences with you and take you along with us with Cooking with the Count sharing America!

We’ll travel around the United States visiting RV parks, National Parks, restaurants and many points-of-interest that hopefully, you’ll want to seek out and enjoy with your family and friends.  We love our RV and I hope we can get you as excited about recreational vehicle travel as we are.  When I first talked about getting an RV my wife said, “I’m too young to be stuck in an RV.”  The first trip sold her.  Now she loves to travel around the country as much, if not more than I do.  Our daughter, Gabriella has grown up traveling around the country and has a first-hand look at some of America’s most amazing points of interest.

We’ll be searching out permaculture and hydroponic farms for delicious organic Non-GMO fruits and vegetables. What is a GMOGenetically modified organisms (GMO’s) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering. This creates combinations of plant, animal, bacteria, and virus genes that do not occur in nature (do you really want to eat this stuff?).  We don’t!!!

We’ll travel to RV parks and share with you all the amenities they have to offer.  You’ll be surprised how many amenities an RV park can have that you would never expect, from private fishing lakes to pristine beaches.  RV parks are amazing.  We will introduce you to some awesome people who are traveling around the country.  Some are full-time RVer’s and some are on vacation.  Some drop by for a simple meet-and-greet, while others sit around the campfire and share what everyone is cooking over their fire pits.  Some meals will be pretty elaborate, while others are pretty simple.  We’ll be sharing some amazing recipes too.  You know the food is going to be out-of-this-world DELICIOUS!

We may stop by some of our sponsors and give you a first-hand look at their operations and how they make the superior-quality products that you want in your home.  Tried and true, Cooking with the Count will only take sponsorship from quality sponsors.  Money has never been our God, there is only one God that we take a knee to and that’s all we need.  He always provides our needs and gives the best!

So come and join us as we venture across the beautiful United States of America, meeting awesome people, finding magnificent restaurants, and great RV parks.  Then we’ll bring the day to a close watching a peaceful sunset and giving thanks to our Lord for another great day… we’re going to have FUN!  Cooking with the Count sharing America!


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