I really enjoy cooking and sharing both the food and the recipes with our family and friends. I never thought for a minute that I would be hand-picked to compete for the Favorite Chef for 2021.

I was hand-picked to compete in this year’s Favorite Chef competition!

What is the prize for the #1 Winner? Of course (1): it’s the title of Favorite Chef for 2021. (2): $20,000.00 cash prize to do as you wish to expand your culinary dream. (3) a featured spread in the prestigious Bon Appetit © magazine.


The voting started today and I’ve been going back and forth between 1st place and 2nd place all day. My nerves are already shot and this will go on for another NINE days. You can vote once each day. You can also buy votes for me at $1 per vote (minimum 10 votes per purchase).

The additional votes you can purchase for $1 per vote are called Hero Votes and they go to support/help Feeding America®. I’m proud to see how many of my supporters have already purchased Hero votes to support me and support Feeding America©. Keep up the great work!

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